Get the New VA Mobile App

VA recently launched a new, official, flagship mobile app, VA Health and Benefits. The new app allows Veterans to view and manage several several aspects of their health care and benefits. VA explains:

Built-in phone security features, such as thumbprint and face recognition, provide protected access to the VA mobile app for health and benefits, which delivers convenient access to a broad range of services. Veterans can use the mobile app to:

  • Complete health care and benefits transactions;
  • Update profile account information;
  • Check on claims and appeals status, and upload documents;
  • Download VA documents, such as the Benefit Summary and Service Verification Letter, and VA vaccine records;
  • View and cancel health care appointments and add them to the phone’s calendar;
  • Securely message their health care team.

VA is working to make more features available on the mobile app soon, such as the ability to view pending (and request new) health care appointments as well as manage disability compensation, education and pension payments. Later this year, Veterans will be able to request prescription refills right from their mobile phones.”

While the app is currently limited in functionality to several of the top things Veterans typically come to to do, VA is continually enhancing the app and promises additional features soon.

VetsApp (which is a non-government, privately-owned app) isn’t going anywhere, and it can connect you with many of the VA services not yet available in the official VA app–and we’ll still continue to bring you relevant news related to VA and your health and benefits. But go ahead and download the new VA app and check it out!