Frequently asked questions

General Questions

1. Is VetsApp free?

Yes! VetsApp is absolutely free. You’ll see occasional ads in the app–this keeps the app free and help us pay our people to keep it operational.

2. Is VetsApp affiliated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?

No, VetsApp is not affiliated in any way with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VetsApp is a community that connects Veterans to the benefits they have earned. It is owned and operated by veterans just like you. While VetsApp streamlines secure access to many VA services such as applying for VA health and benefits, appointment booking, secure health messaging, viewing your military records, applying for a VA home loan, and accessing GI Bill benefits, we send y0u out of the app to complete those services so you can log in securely to

3. How is VetsApp funded?

VetsApp is absolutely free, but it costs money to keep the app operational. We fund app development and maintenance by serving ads through the Google Ad Mob platform. If you’d like to partner with us to connect our users with your products or services, while helping to support VetsApp and its veteran community at the same time, get in touch.

4. Who do I contact with questions about my VA health or benefits?

If you have questions regarding your VA health and benefits, including login information, assistance completing forms or checking claims statuses, or any other question specifically related to VA, you should contact VA directly at the MyVA411 main information line at 800-698-2411.

Security and Privacy Questions

1. How does VetsApp keep my information safe?

We do not collect personally identifiable information. Any time you need to access a application or service (like managing your health or applying for benefits) we send you out of VetsApp and directly to the exact application you need. Once at, you’ll log in securely with your VA information.

2. I signed up for something in VetsApp and now my credit card or bank account is being charged.

VetsApp is completely free. You should never give out your personal or financial information in the app. Occasionally, some of the ads we run that help fund the app can appear like legitimate VetsApp services and can trick you into thinking you need to sign up for something. This doesn’t happen often because we’re diligent about reviewing the quality of ads Google serves in our app, but unfortunately, some slip past our checks. Since the ads we run are provided by Google AdMob, you can tell they are ads by looking for the “Ad Choices” triangle on them. If you suspect the ad isn’t for a legitimate product or service, do not click them. Instead, report them to us so we can contact Google and get those ads banned immediately.

If you already clicked on one of these ads and notice that your bank account or credit card is being charged, reach out to your bank or credit card company immediately so that they can help you open a dispute against the advertiser.

Help with logging in

1. I'm having trouble logging into VetsApp

If you’re having problems logging into your VetsApp account (which is separate from any of the IDs you use to access VA websites), choose the option on the login screen for “forgot password.” We’ll send an email with instructions for resetting it. Check your email junk folders in case you don’t see our message. You can also choose the option to create a new account if you don’t remember ever registering for an account with us.

2. I'm having trouble logging in and accessing my VA services.

If you’re trying to access secure VA services like managing your health and benefits, we’ll send you out of the app to log directly into the service you’re accessing. Just follow the instructions and log in with your existing eBenefits, DS Login,, or account when you get to the website you’ve chosen. If you don’t already have one, you can create one on that screen. If you’re having problems logging in, please scroll down on the screen and look for links that say “forgot password” or “problems logging in.” If you’d prefer to speak with someone on the phone, that screen should also list a help desk phone number you can call to speak with someone at VA. VetsApp cannot assist with login issue for VA websites and applications.