How Will a Gov Shutdown Impact VA Benefits?

On Sep. 29, 2023, VA published guidance on how a potential government shutdown would impact Veterans’ benefits and VA functions, should the government shutdown at midnight on October 1, 2023. From their announcement: As of now it is unclear whether a shutdown would occur, but if it does – this is how it would affect VA’s customers:

Services not impacted:

  • Veteran health care is not impacted. VA Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, and Vet Centers will be open.
  • VA benefits will continue to be processed and delivered, including compensation, pension, education, and housing benefits.
  • Burials will continue at VA national cemeteries. Applications for headstones, markers, and burial benefits processing will continue.
  • The Board of Veterans’ Appeals will continue decisions on Veterans’ cases.
  • VA Contact Centers (1-800-MyVA411) and the Veterans Crisis Line (Dial 988, Press 1) are open 24/7.

Services impacted:

  • VA will not provide Veteran career counseling or transition assistance program activities.
  • The GI Bill Hotline will be closed.
  • VA benefits regional offices will be closed.
  • VA will cease public affairs and outreach to Veterans.
  • VA will not permanently place headstones or maintain the grounds at VA national cemeteries.
  • VA will not process applications for pre-need burials.
  • VA will not print new presidential memorial certificates.

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