Allegiant Air is offering free benefits to veterans and military members

For domestic flights, Allegiant is proud to offer a variety of free benefits to U.S. active and reserve duty military and veterans.

Up to two (2) pieces of checked baggage. Each bag must weigh under 99 lbs. No charge for oversize checked baggage. Maximum size is 115 linear inches in height + width + length. One (1) carry-on bag within Allegiant size limits. One (1) personal item within Allegiant size limits. Free boarding pass printing at the airport. Up to one (1) pet in cabin. Qualifying service members will be called to board early.

Active and reserve military will not be charged a change or cancelation fee due to a change in orders. (To change or cancel an existing reservation active military personnel must contact Customer Care.) 

* All passengers traveling on a single itinerary with a military member may board together when called to board early. 

these services are accessible with valid identification. 

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