All Veterans May Now Register for a VA Vaccine

Photo of a clinician

VA recently issued guidance addressing the SAVE LIVES Act to all VA medical centers directing the immediate enrollment for all interested Veterans/spouses/caregivers/CHAMPVA recipients to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, whether or not they are currently enrolled in VA health care. Now, all Veterans/spouses/caregivers/CHAMPVA recipients can immediately sign up to receive a vaccine/local area vaccination updates using the Keep Me Informed tool.

As vaccine supply becomes available, local VA medical centers will automatically reach out to enrollees of the Keep Me Informed tool to schedule their vaccination appointment once a slot is available.   

Some other things to know:

  • The SAVE LIVES Act has expanded VA’s legal authority to provide COVID-19 vaccines (as vaccine supply becomes available) to all Veterans (regardless of their VA enrollment status or discharge type), as well as Veteran spouses, certain caregivers and some beneficiaries. 
  • The Keep Me Informed online tool is serving as the main hub for Veterans and others to sign up for news about availability from local facilities. Data collected there will greatly help automate and accelerate the process of vaccinating this larger group of patients.
  • VA is rolling out an outreach campaign to encourage vaccinations among the Veteran community, including local news releases, social media, radio ads, and paid digital advertising.