Want to come work for VA?

Photo of a clinician

Looking for some country air? These rural VA sites have jobs … Consider a career at a VA clinic or medical center located in one of America’s small towns and rural areas” –VAntage Point Blog

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is looking for Veterans like you to come help support the Agency’s efforts to care for our Nation’s Veterans during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some example positions include clinical care providers, clerks, administrative staff, housekeeping staff, and more.

Benefits include:

  • Paid vacation time that starts building right away, paid sick leave and 10 paid federal holidays.
  • Comprehensive health insurance, including dental and vision care, which may become effective on the first full pay period after you start your job.
  • Generous retirement benefits through the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, or FERS, a three-tier retirement plan that includes a 401(k)-type savings plan with an up-to-5% employer match, Social Security and pension.

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